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A Recognized Sustainable Apparel Brand

Our Brand Story

KiRiVOO is an exclusive apparel brand, slow fashion and high-quality independent retailer for a modern, thoughtful and strong woman.

KiRiVOO (KV) is dedicated to creating sustainable designer style because the team believes that fashion can be done in the right way. KV's founder is a serial entrepreneur, Ines Karu-Salo, who has always been driven by the will to make the world a better and happier place. She has said: "Fast fashion is one of the most polluting industries and that needs to change. It's my mission to take steps that help to preserve the health of our planet and give people an easy way to live beautifully and sustainably - wear apparel that has low environmental footprint, is responsibly well-made and timeless."

KV founded Ines & Teele in 2015 but the first collection was launched in 2016. KV embodies a
classy and chic uniqueness. Selected designs are delicately blended with details from culture or nature, often decorated with an embroidery. KV designs designer wear.

KV conclusive goal is to reduce the adverse social and environmental impacts of our products and make sure they are manufactured under safe, ethical, and fair conditions throughout the supply chain. It is incredibly important for us to design and produce with consideration to the environmental impact, so, we are also taking firm steps towards a circular economy. 

KV garments are lovingly handmade by professional seamstresses in EU (Estonia). We do not run end of season sale campaigns in order to reduce waste, offer affordable luxury and produce all apparel on demand basis in an efficient yet highly personalised way. More...

Majority of KV's products are made from GOTS certified organic textiles (organic cotton, organic silk, organic cotton blend fabrics) and OECO-TEX certified bamboo viscose that are carefully sourced from UK, Germany, France, Germany, Estonia, Italy and Netherlands.

KV brand name is derived from the Estonian word kirivöö, which refers to the national costume belt. More..

KV mission is to make sustainable fashion more accessible by building an international D2C shopping and renting destination for women, men and kids, and support global movements towards an eco-conscious, fully transparent and zero waste - circular and sharing - fashion industry.

In recognition of advancing social and environmental sustainability, KiRiVOO has been awarded with the Good Brand Award 2019 and Best Sustainable Fashion Brand 2019 - Northern Europe award. More... 

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